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Tuesday, January 12th 2016, 1:56pm


We are a goal-oriented forum trying our best to hit the top of Trucksims communities. Therefore you have to note a few small rules at your activities:

1. Registration
If you are already registered in another forum with a fixed user name, it would be useful to register yourself here with the same nickname. This will prevent misanderstandings and disputes.
It is not essential but would be very helpful if you create your profile with at least some informations, e. g. sex and age. That way we are able to get a picture of you.
In the individual area of user presentation you can present yourself again in a separate topic and perhaps even establish the first contacts.
Double accounts are not permitted and may constitute a complete blockage.

2. Signatures
The signature images must not exceed a size of 530x200 pixels and 200kb!
Advertisements of other forums and links to them are not allowed. Signatures that violate against this rule will be blocked. Also hidden nondescript images and text links are checked out and result if necessary in a warning.

3. Create and post of new topics
Please create your topics in the designated areas in the forum and choose for your topics a decent and meaningful title!
Subject headings with content like "question, help, problem" will be deleted without warning. Also pushing, like "need urgent help, help me quickly," will be deleted.
Before creating topics or posts having something to do with support, make sure that such topics are not already covered in forum or if it is redundant. (e.g. passwords to downloads can always be found in spoilers)
Double posts (multiple posts within a short time one after the other) are prohibited! If something comes up your mind which you have forgotten in your last post, then you can change it via the "Edit" button. Own posts can be changed within 24 hours.
If you still do not know where to put your subject, then the Greenhorn area would alway be the best choice.
Generally, you should write your posts in a good phrase. Swear words and insults are not allowed. Fonts and colors can be chosen freely, but please note that the font color red is reserved only for the moderators. So everyone can immediately recognize that a moderator has edited an article.

4. Pictures and Screenshots
In articles linked images are only allowed using third-party hosting providers. Below the editor box near the smiley's you can upload straight to Abload, Directupload or Imageshack your images, saves you a lot of effort.
Only the size of max. 800x600 and in jpeg format is allowed.
PNGs and large images are immediately converted into links.
Immediately maximum of five images and one post per day may be posted in all screenshot topics. In all other topics up to 15 pictures can be posted.
It is not allowed to use in a theme screenshot similar images ( duplicates ) that have already been used in another forum ! This also applies the other way around and for all threads .

Please make sure not to violate copyright when posting pictures! There are some threads in the forum, in which images can be shown (such as real truck pictures). Please show only your own pictures if possible and not that ones you have found somewhere in the net. If you post images from foreign sites, then make sure that you have permission to do so. Please always read the imprint of these foreign websites, whether the images are protected or freely available!

4.a. Videos
Immediately maximum of two videos and one post per day may be posted in all video topics.

5. Search and Tags
The forum has a search function on top, right hand side. By putting in a few key words available issues can be found quickly.
In addition, below the board the so-called tag-cloud can be found, by clicking on the relevant terms you will directly get the search results.

6. Support
No support for third-party mod's will be provided.
Support from moderators and administrators will only be provided in the appropriate topic and not via PM, ICQ, MAIL or something like this.
For a support request the appropriate log file to be posted from the game . This log can ONLY be attached as a file attachment in the post! (showhint) In the text itself the log is prohibited because it is too long and Doppelposts are also prohibited in this case .

7. Projectrepresentations
It is forbidden to ask mappers and modders presenting their works for a possible download! If someone wants to provide something for download, he will decide this voluntarily. In addition, many mappers and modders have already close their work because of recurring panhandling.

8. Rules for modifications
Most or often related rules and credits will be found in the readme file of the respective mods. If there is written that you are allowed to use the mods, but not to redistribute or upload elsewhere, then you should stick to it. This applies also if someone gets a truck or trailer for private with the request, to keep it private. If nothing is written, you should at least ask the creator.

9. Offering illegal software
Should be offered once illegal software in our forum, the relevant user will be blocked and his data, including its IP address will be routed to the affected company.

10. Offering download files
If you have something for the download section, then send a PM with all dates like download-link, picture/s, description and credits to GPunkt, scheffi, Renault Magnum or boxcar. We will sort the files immediately into the corresponding areas. Posting download links in the forum is strictly prohibited.

11. Application for moderator
You would like to participate in the team and implement the forum rules ? Then send your application with reasons to GPunkt . We will reflect together as a team over an acceptance or rejection .

12. Deletion of user profiles
The forum user with the desire of deletion of his profile accepts that his articles are not affected thereof. The administration will decide which entries will be deleted and which remained.

13.Advertisment | link steal
No other forums links and mod pages are allowed. Do not copy download links from our download server into other forums.

Finally, it should be noted that failure to comply with these rules and depending on the degree of the offense either a warning, a temporary barrier or entirely followed by a permanent barrier.

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